Learn from the industry pros on critical components for sourcing and vetting seed varieties for hemp production

"The Hemp Variety Yearbook is an asset for plant breeders and plant suppliers striving to develop a reliable supply of hemp varieties to build the legitimacy of the industry."


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Get the details from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's first-ever national accounting of cannabis production

Survey data from the USDA

Special sections – featured inside!

Hemp Resources for Farmers and breeders

Federal and international resources to verify hemp genetics and improve farmers' chances to produce a successful crop

Research and development in hemp genetics

A sampling of research projects in progress at public universities and private breeding labs across the country

The need for predictable and reliable genetics in addition to quality education is critical for the long-term sustainability of the hemp agricultural industry. The Hemp Variety Yearbook helps farmers and breeders strengthen their understanding of the hemp plant and its genetics.

What's inside? Everything from seed varieties, tips for selecting live inputs, guidelines for sourcing, USDA survey data and much more!

Hemp Variety
Y E A R B O O K 

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The right variety

Get advice from hemp experts

Best practices for how to source reliable hemp genetics and save money

How this biotechnology could lead to more consistent, successful cannabis crops.

More than 25 pages detailing available hemp seed varieties


Tissue Culture


Cutting off the tips of cannabis seeds (a process called scarificaton) can shorten germination times and boost germination rates.

University of Guelph
Ontario, Canada

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